Celebrate Mother Earth and ALL her Creatures!

As today is Earth Day, it is especially important to be grateful for all the AMAZING beauty, bounty and incredible creatures and plants that we are unreasonably lucky to be able to enjoy.  Nature has given us beautiful sunsets, incredible oceans, lakes and mountains, deserts, rainforests and more.  Included in all of that unbelievable backdrop are some of the most outrageous, weird and wonderful creatures that we can’t even pretend to have come up with ourselves.

The cool thing about all of this is that it is just here for our enjoyment, frustration (if you have ever owned a pet, you understand me, LOL) and amazement.  In addition to the importance of being good stewards to a planet we share with everything and everyone, we also need to take this day to appreciate how much animals, fish, lizards (and every other creature out there) truly enrich and improve our lives.     BTW, today is a PERFECT day to adopt an animal and give it the love and caring it deserves so we can help them AND help ourselves.  Just sayin…

If nothing else, please take a moment to truly “get” how lucky we all really are to have this planet, these creatures and all the beauty, fun and love that the whole thing brings us…just because.  Happy Earth Day to all, PLEASE adopt and appreciate how much better your life is because of Mother Nature’s critters!




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