HORSES/Think Ahead

It’s Saturday morning and raining, which is depressing since I wanted to ride today. I truly love the horse, that incredible partnership and friendship that I have now, and have had in the past, with those essentially perfect animals.  When I think of all of the truly fun, happy, tough and sometimes painful moments (ouch!) that I have been through with them and how much value they have brought to me, I just feel so appreciative and grateful.

Horses have taught me many things.  One of my favorites (and most useful) is the art of planning and seeing ahead. They have definitely taught me to think ahead! Because of them, I know it’s more important not to look at what you have right at that moment, but to see where you’re going to have something five and 10 steps ahead.

I suppose children are the same way, but since I have only had the four-legged, hairy varieties to teach me, I can only speak to them. Still, I think of all the times when I was younger and how I DID NOT think ahead.  The pain and problems it caused me, well, let’s just say that pain has been a great teacher. 😊

What has “thinking ahead to the finish line” given to me? What is the benefit, you ask? 

Proper Planning Prevents Problems… the four P’s

Think about it, it’s just like if you want a great harvest. You have to think ahead, plant the seeds (of food, of growth, of mental/emotional development, for success in anything), tend to the garden and be patient and persistent.  The outcome can either be a beautiful, delicious fruit, vegetable or flower, or rotten, scrawny, pathetic plants that probably don’t even bear fruit or flower.  Remember, if the other outcome is to NOT plan, manage and think ahead, what does that give you?  Essentially, A DISASTER.  You know.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…😊

That’s what I learned from horses.  To have beautiful, incredible, loving and trusting friendships and partnerships with a horse, you MUST plant the seeds way back in order to achieve this outcome.  This lesson is something I use over and over again each day.  I am so grateful to have been “enlightened” in such a funny, entertaining, although somewhat painful way (LOL) by horses in this way. 

It’s been a game changer when ever I have decisions to try and make right for the “long-term”.  And believe me, pain comes in ALL areas of your life when you don’t think ahead! Business success, health, relationships, everything. So, thanks to the horses, who have been my teachers, best friends,” siblings” that I can’t stand and most truly and purely good time buddies.  I’ll try to remember to keep thinking ahead…


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