LESSONS FROM DOGS: They have it figured out right.

So I’m in Jamaica, the water and air are both in the mid 80’s, with perfectly blue skies all around a beautiful resort. I’m healthy and well-loved. 

A dog would look at this situation with such utter and complete joy that it’s almost hard for them to express. People, sometimes, can take a perfect scenario just like this and STILL manange to think, “but what is waiting for me when I get back, I hope the flight back isn’t late, I brought the wrong shirt…whatever. The point is that we can ruin something so perfect and let that moment pass us by.

That’s what dogs have taught me – and it is one of the most important lessons I have ever learned and a lesson I sure remembered to use today, that each moment of the day is more perfect and joyful than the next. I have no worries and am so grateful and truly happy and I’m thrilled to have this time.

Next time you are having a great moment, no matter how small or insignificant, do yourself a HUGE favor and realize that little moment of perfection for the wonder that it is. ENJOY!!

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